Turn your weekend into a charitable event that will benefit your community at large!

Event Details


Proceeds collected from this Charity Virtual Run will be used to purchase dry goods for PERTIWI Soup Kitchen. Pertubuhan Tindakan Wanita Islam (PERTIWI) is one of Malaysia's longest running NGOs which provides daily meals at various locations around Kuala Lumpur and it aims to give back to the community by offering a healthy meal to those who are in need. 


When you register to run with us, you will automatically be protected with a Personal Accident insurance from a reputable insurer (applicable for runners age between 16 to 70 only). More information about the insurance coverage can be found under Terms & Conditions.


Through your regular participation of these events, we aim to help boost our Malaysian economy by engaging food suppliers such as grocery shops, purchasing food from local restaurants and using gig workers to deliver the food to the various distribution centres.


So, if you are an active person who exercises regularly, come join this event and help the community at the same time. Stay fit and help make an impact!


This Charity Virtual Run is organised by VSURE TECH SDN BHD and co-organised by KLCC RUNNERS GROUP SDN BHD and FIT PERFORMANCE SDN BHD.


Our Mission and Vision

  • Individual Health & Protection
  • Charitable Cause
  • Local Economy Booster
  • Gig Economy Enabler
  • Social Responsibility Innovation




  • Now
  • 15 July 2021 (23:59) 


  • 16 July 2021 (00:00)
  • 18 July 2021 (23:59) 


  • DIGITAL  - Please obey the current Movement Control Order in your area and social distancing rules.



A donation will be made to PERTIWI.





Size Chart





R1: Participants are only allowed to submit distance tracked activities. Step Count activity will NOT be accepted.


R2: Participants are allowed to complete the distance in one or an accumulation of activities.


R3: Participants to ensure that all activities are;

  1. From an active running/walking activity. Tracking your steps over the whole day is not an active activity. 

  2. Synced/submitted within 72 hours after the end of each activity and before the end of the event at 23:59 Sunday 18th July 2021 (GMT +8). Late submissions will not be accepted.

  3. Submitted with the necessary information; Start date and time, duration, distance and route* (*for outdoor activity only).

See full list of Rules in the ‘Submission of results’ section in the Terms and Conditions.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 : Can I use a third-party app instead?
A1 : Yes you can. You can link up BiiB with other third-party apps from getbiib.com/me by following these simple steps:




Q2 : How do I make a manual submission?
A2 : You can do it through the website after logging into your account, you can follow these simple steps:




Q3 : When is the last day to submit the result? Do I need to submit the result daily?
A3 : Result submission is required to be done within 72 hours after the end of the activity and before the event ends 23:59 (GMT +8). 


Q4 : Is it limited to outdoor runs only?
A4 : No, indoor treadmill results are also acceptable. You may submit a photo of your treadmill dashboard by manual submission. 


Q5 : What does it mean 'System will not take overlapping activity into consideration'?
A5 : The system will not accept two activities for the same time, there can only be one activity for one specific period of time. 

Eg: If you submit an activity for 10am till 11am, then your second submission states that the activity is from 10.30am to 11.30am, that is considered overlapping because you are supposed to be running from 10 - 11am and that is already one activity.


Q6 : What are sharing or tag-along activities?
A6 :  This is when submitted activities are shared between participants. Eg: You and your friend run together but only one person tracks the activity, only one person can submit the activity for the event. If both participants submit the same activity, both submissions will be rejected by the system.


Q7 : How does the system track the mileage and how often is the system updated?
A7 : The system is built to add up all the mileage logged by the participant right after the success sync (LIVE). The mileage display will update as soon as you have finished a run/walk with successful sync or submission. You can view it either in BiiB+ App, under event (second tab from the left) or via personal running dashboard at getBiiB.com/me.


Q8 : How does syncing third party app work?
A8 : Your activity must be in your third party app account and that system before it will be synced over to us. If the third party app system does not have your activity, we will not receive any information/activity from the third party app system.


Q9 : Who is eligible to participate in this event?
A9 : This event is open to everyone in Malaysia​.


Q10 : When will I receive the reward? 
A10 : Event rewards shipping will be shipped by the event organiser, VSURE TECH SDN BHD. Please contact them at [email protected].


Q11 : If I decided not to run, can I get a refund?
A11 : No refund is allowed as stated in the T&C.


Q12 : Will my mileage collected before the participation date count?
A12 : No, your mileage will be collected from the date and time the event begins.


Q13 : What do I do if I enter the wrong information during registration?
A13 : Please email us at [email protected] with the changes you want to make.  


Q14 : Why didn't I receive any information from BiiB?
A14 : Please check your email or spam mail folder for our email after a successful registration. 


Q15 : How will BiiB communicate with me?
A15 : We will use the details in your registration for communications and rewards. Please ensure the information provided is correct.



Contact Us

For any inquiries on event and rewards, please contact VSURE TECH SDN BHD at [email protected].


For any inquiries and technical issues please contact us at: [email protected].


We will get back to you as soon as possible within 3 working days, our business hours are Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm (excluding Public Holidays).



Terms and Conditions

You can find the terms and conditions of the event and the rewards here: Terms and Conditions