Send greetings to your deerest friend via running!


To "My Deer Friend", A friend like you is more than just a friend. You are like a magic pill which bids farewell to my sorrows and welcomes happiness in my life every day. Thanks for fixing my crazy life.

“My Deer Friend” Virtual Run, Celebrate Christmas without forget your best running buddies. Thank you they accompany for the whole year race, run together, train together, join oversea event together…


Event Name: My Deer Friend Greeting Run
Date: 01/11/18-15/12/18
Distance: 3KM or 4,000 steps per greeting
Fee: RM 19.90 per greeting
**Free Local Shipping ( If International, please PM our team for special arrangement) 
**You can run for multiple friends if you wish, and of course for yourself too.


Run For One (1) Deerest Friend [3KM]

RM 19.90

Run For Two (2) Deerest Friends [6KM]

RM 39.80

Run For Three (3) Deerest Friends [9KM]

RM 59.70

Run For Four (4) Deerest Friends [12KM]

RM 79.60

Run For Five (5) Deerest Friends [15KM]

RM 99.50

Non-Runner Select:

If you don't want to run but still like to have this special greetings out to your deerest friend.


Send without running for One (1) Deerest Friends [0KM]

RM 29.90
Why don't you try the 3KM to make the greetings meaningful at the cheaper rate?

What your friend will get:
1) A 3D wooden deer medal for your friend
2) Special Handwritten Greeting Postcard
(Your personalised greetings will be handwritten on the postcard, look out the instruction in the email after the registration)


How does it work?

1. Register & Pay
2. You will receive a confirmation email from us
3. Run Period: 01 Nov 2018 (12:01am) - 15 Dec 2018 (11:59pm) 
4. Run using our BiiB app or using a GPS-tracking running app of your choice to track your run/walk.
5. Submit it in your profile
   -If you use our BiiB app, the runs will be automatically sync-ed to the server so no further actions from your side
   -If you use another GPS-tracking app, submit it in your profile (
6. We will verify the submissions and send out the rewards 
7. Run submission start from 1 Nov 2018, we will start ship out the reward from 26 Nov 2018
8. Last submission before 15 Dec 2018, Sat (11:59 pm) 
9. Last ship out date will be 17 Dec 2018
10. This race is based on honour system, BiiB will do periodic checks 



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the reason my BiiB+ app is not tracking my run properly?
A1. It happens to some Android devices' battery optimzation process and could be fixed by following the simple instructions in Option (the 3 dots at the bottom right corner of BiiB+ app) > "Check Device" > Select your phone brand > Follow the displayed steps.

Other than that, GPS signal might also get affected by the environment when there are tall buildings/mountains or roofed area blocking the signal.

Q2. How to submit my result if I am using third party app?
A2. A manual submission of screenshot after log into our runner dashboard is required.

Q3. How to submit my result if I am using BiiB+ app?
A3. If you're signing in using the registered email address, all your tracked activity between the event period will be automatically sync with the team & individual progress of the challenge, make sure you have an active internet connection to sync the activity.


Q4. When is the last day to submit the result? 
A4. Last day for result submission is on 15th Dec 2018 11:59pm 

Q5. Can I collect mileage on treadmill?
A5. Yes you can. A manual submission is required. Follow the instruction in A2 for submission.

Q6. Is it limited to outdoor run only?
A6. No. You can run either outdoor (must be GPS tracked) or indoor using treadmill. A step counter result is acceptable. Note: BiiB+ app can only track outdoor run.

Q7. Is walking counted?
A7. Of course, the aim of this challenge is to motivate participants to stay active for a month. It doesn't matter whether you're fast or slow.

Q8. If I join after the event started, will my mileage collected before the joining date counted?
A8. Yes. As long as it is properly tracked and fall inside the event period. Manual submission is required if the activities are tracked using third party tracker.

Q9. Can I run outside of Malaysia / Can a non-Malaysian join?
A9. Yes you can, however we only provide free shipping services to Malaysia addresses.

Q10. What if I want my reward to be shipped to a oversea address?
A10. Additional shipping charges is required. Kindly contact us via Facebook messenger or email us at

Q11. When will the reward reaches me?
A11. The reward will be shipped and expected to reach you within the month of Dec 2018. A tracking number will be provided to all the finisher to track the shipment.