This is the 2nd edition of Pre-Race for #RoundMalaysiaChallenge (ASICS). We will take some time to go through the submitted data from all runners from 9 August 2019, 12am onwards. Organizer reserve the right to dismiss any unrealistic result (which means the group ranking might change based on the dismissal) and with more than 10 unrealistic results from one group, the group will not be entitled the sponsored prizes. All submission has a digital trace, please delete if you found out your run wasn't well tracked. We hope you enjoy the first in the world community average pace challenge by BiiB in collaboration with Asics!


🔥Challenge Period: 6 ~ 8 Aug 2019 (GMT+8)
🔥 Measured by Team's Average Pace = Total Team Time / Total Team Distance

🔥 Minimum 50% of the team or minimum 15 members need to be ACTIVE, whichever higher
🔥 Minimum Team Duration (accumulated time): 15 hours
🔥 ACTIVE = the member needs to have minimum 1 activity submitted

Team with minimum 50% active members will get exclusive discount to join Asics Relay 2019 and stand a chance to win another 2 pairs of Asics Shoes.

🔥Highest of referral count (increment) within the PRE-RACE period. If referral count is the same, the Pre-race mileage will be used to select the 2 winners.