BiiB x Malaysian Aids Foundation (MAF)

Event Details

Run as a team to raise fund for the Malaysian Aids Foundation and put the company's name into the live ranking. An inclusive inter-corporate charity challenge to allow all members of the company to represent the company in this CSR and fitness initiative during the month of Ramadhan.


Team size
Max. 150 runners/team 
Each company can form multiple teams


Details of challenge
 2/3/2020 – 23/4/2020 
Running period: 24/4/2020 (00:00) – 7/6/2020 (23:59)
Winner announcement: 8/6/2020 - 15/6/2020 (MAF will be contacting the winners regarding the rewards)
Venue: Run anywhere outdoor


Each team has to hit a minimum of 1,000km to be a finisher 


RM3,000/team donation to MAF (tax deductible)



Event fridge magnets to all participants

E-cert for all team members that completes more than 1,000km

MAF Team Trophy for Top 3 winning teams (highest mileage)


Special Notes

It is highly recommended to submit/sync your results immediately after every activity and before 23:59 (GMT +8) at the end of the challenge


Runners are responsible to make sure that the distance ran is tracked and synced, and must ensure that the results submitted are genuine and well tracked with the following mandatory information:

  • Distance
  • Duration
  • Pace
  • Running Route (for outdoor)

Participant(s) & the team will automatically get disqualifed (DQ) if one of the following is identified / occurs:

  • Unrealistic / faulty results (evidence & data will be collected)
  • Strava Tag Along / Using results that belongs to another runner (evidence & data will be collected)
  • Failure to respond to the result enforcement officer within 72 hours to provide more information to support the result such as split timing, official race result or Strava privacy settings and etc.

Once a team member fails to run the minimum mileage required or fails to submit the results on time by the end of the challenge period, the entire team will be automatically marked as Did Not Finish (DNF).


How to join this challenge

Step 1: Make payment to the Malaysian Aids Foundation


Bank: Maybank Berhad
Bank account name: Malaysian AIDS Foundation
Account number: 5141-0542-1257.
Branch: Kompleks Dayabumi Kuala Lumpur

Step 2: Person in charge to email both BiiB at [email protected] and MAF at [email protected] with:

  • the team captain's full name 
  • email address 
  • team name (max 28 characters)
  • a copy of banking slip of payment made to MAF

Step 3: BiiB will create the team and email the captain with the next steps for registration

Step 4: Forward that email to all members of the team

Step 5: Wait for the run period to start and run! 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the reason my BiiB+ app is not tracking my run properly?

A1 : It happens to some Android devices' battery optimization process and could be fixed by following these simple steps;

Click "Option" (the 3 dots at the bottom right corner of BiiB+ app) > "Check Device" > Select your phone brand > Follow the displayed instructions.

Other than that, GPS signal might also get affected by the environment when there are tall buildings/mountains or roofed area blocking the signal. You can also use our Strava integration feature to link up with your Garmin, Suunto and other run tracking applications.


Q2 : Why does my GPS signal is displayed as weak on the BiiB app?
A2 : GPS signal reception may be weak if you run between high rise buildings or in areas that have lots of tall buildings, it's best to run in an open clear area. 


Q3 : Why do I receive a notification about being too fast?
A3 : This happens when the system deems you being too fast which may be caused by weak GPS signals. After checking those activities, we will contact you if we need more clarification regarding the activity. 


Q4 : Can I use a third party app and how to submit my result if I am using a third party app?
A4 : Yes you can. You can link up BiiB with Strava from or a manual submission of screenshot after log into our runner dashboard is required.



Q5 : How to submit my result if I am using the BiiB+ app?
A5 : If you're signing in using the registered email address, all your activities tracked between the event period will be automatically synced with the team/individual progress of the challenge. Make sure you have an active internet connection to sync the activity.



Q6 : How much of the registration fee is donated to MAF?
A6 : 80% of the registration fee goes to MAF.

Q7 : How to be a team finisher?
A7 : The team is considered as a Team Finisher when the team runs a minimum of 1000km

Q8 : When is the last day to submit the result? Do I need to submit the result daily?
A8: Last day for result submission is on 7 June 2020 23:59:59 (GMT+8). It is recommended to submit your result as soon as you complete your run.

Q9 : Is it limited to outdoor run only?
A9: Yes, strictly outdoor only. Indoor treadmill and step counter results will NOT be accepted
*Note: BiiB+ app can only track outdoor run due to GPS limitations.

Q10 : Is walking counted?
A10 : Of course! The aim of this event is to motivate participants to stay active. It does not matter whether you're fast or slow.

Q11 : How does the system track the team mileage and how often is the system updated?
A11 : The system is built to add up all the mileage logged by the team members right after the success sync (LIVE). The mileage display will update as soon as someone in the team has finished a run/walk with a successful sync or submission. You can view it either in BiiB+ App, under event (second tab from the left) or via personal running dashboard at

Q12 : Who is eligible to participate in this event?
A12 : This event is open to everyone inside of Malaysia

Q13 : How will I receive the reward?
A13 : The top 3 teams (highest mileage) will receive a trophy from MAF and all finshing teams will receive fridge magnets in a bulk sent to the company itself. 

Q14 : When will I receive the reward?
A14 : The finisher items will be sent out to all our Finishers within 25 working days from the end date of the challenge.

Q15 : If I decided not to run, can I get a refund?
A15 : Participation Fee is NOT refundable.

Q16 : Can I change my team after registration?
A16 : No. Changing of teams is not allowed.

Q17 : Why didn't I receive any information from BiiB?
A17 : Please check your email or spam mail folder for our email after a successful registration. Announcements and updates will be informed through email.


Contact Us

For more enquiries on this event, please contact [email protected]

For payment for the event and rewards, please contact MAF, Hasmadi Zainudin at [email protected] or Nur Syafiqah Azman at [email protected]

For technical issue with registration, and general technical issues please contact [email protected]