Run the Challenge of Malaysia as a team. Earn the pride!

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Event Details 

Round Malaysia Challenge is back as Restart Malaysia Challenge with an increased mileage, higher spirit, stronger teamwork!


This year, we’re introducing the TEAM LABEL CHALLENGE! Represent your team, hit those mileages, and earn those Gold/Silver/Bronze label for your team! This time we only have 1 category but 3 different achievements! The mileage your team reaches is the medals you will get for your e-certs. [Eg: If your team hits 1963KM, your team will get the bronze medal on your e-certs, etc.]


Gold & Silver label teams with less than 10 verified fraud cases will be qualified to represent Malaysia🇲🇾 in the Inter-country Challenge!








                 *Note: These are Gold, Silver, Bronze label that will be displayed on your e-cert

GOLD Label  Team Goal

Distance: 7,822KM - Total Malaysia coastline and land border length


SILVER Label  Team Goal

Distance: 4,675KM - RMC 2019 Total Mileage (Malaysia coastline)


BRONZE Label  Team Goal

Distance: 1,963KM - Run 2018 Mileage (Year 1963)


Individual Goal

Individuals need to hit a minimum of 20km to be a finisher and receive the rewards if the team hits the team goal 





Maximum per team: 300 pax

Note: Shipping is included only for local addresses, international addresses will have to choose the relative international shipping category during registration 




T-Shirt Size Chart


*Individual Reward Conditions

1. Get to a referral count of 1 by 31 July 2020
2. Only one dry bag per person regardless of number of referrals made
3. Dry bag will be delivered with your finisher rewards

*Team Reward Conditions

1. For the teams in RMC 2020 only
2. Minimum 50 members in the team before end of registration period for RMC 2020
3. Minimum order 50 pcs
4. One-time usage
5. Valid till 30 November 2020



Only distance tracking activities (walk, run, hike) will be accepted, steps tracking results and other activity results will NOT be accepted.

All runs must be synced/submitted within 24 hours of the activity within the challenge period (48 hours submission period starting from 6pm Friday 21 August 2020) and before the end of the challenge at 23:59 Wednesday 16 September 2020

  • Follow the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) if you are in Malaysia
  • Runners are responsible to make sure the distance ran is tracked and synced (INDOOR TRACKING MODE IS RECOMMENDED FOR INDOOR USAGE), and must ensure that the results submitted are genuine and well tracked with the following mandatory information:
    • Distance
    • Duration
    • Pace
    • Date/Time
    • Running Route (outdoor only)
      * Steps tracking and other activity results will NOT be accepte. The measurement unit is in actual distance (KM), therefore the step tracking estimated distance is not acceptable
  • System will not take overlapping activity into consideration
  • You're not allowed to make changes to any synced/submitted activity to allow result verification system to perform the result validity screening process. If the result wasn't tracked properly or showing unrealistic result, kindly delete the activity within 24 hours too.
  • Participant(s) will automatically get disqualifed (DQ) if one of the following is identified / occurs:
    • Unrealistic / faulty results based on activities synced/submitted (evidence & data will be collected)
    • Strava Tag Along / Using results that belong to another runner (evidence & data will be collected)
    • Failure to respond to the result enforcement officer within 24 hours to provide supporting information to justify the result such as split timing, official race result or Strava privacy settings and etc.

Recommended FREE Android/iOS App With Indoor Run Tracking

  • MAPMYRUN Auto-sync to BiiB
  • STRAVA Auto-sync to BiiB (temporarily not available - please make manual submission)
    • Able to link to Garmin, Suunto, Coros and most of the GPS running watches
  • GARMIN Auto-sync to BiiB
  • NIKE RUN CLUB Manual Submission Required
  • PUMATRAC Manual Submission Required 
  • SPORTS TRACKER Manual Submission Required
  • ENDOMONDO Manual Submission Required


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the reason my BiiB+ app is not tracking my run properly?
A1 : GPS signal might also get affected by the environment when there are tall buildings/mountains or roofed area blocking the signal. It happens to some Android devices' battery optimization process and could be fixed by following these simple steps;




Q2 : Can I use a third party app instead?
A2 : Yes you can. You can link up BiiB with Strava/MapMyRun?Garmin from or through the app by following these simple steps:




Q3: How do I make a manual submission?
A3: You can do it through the app or on the website after logging into your account, you can follow these simple steps:




Q4 : How to submit my result if I am using the BiiB+ app?
A4 : If you're signing in using the registered email address, all your activities tracked between the event period will be automatically synced with the team/individual progress of the challenge. Make sure you have an active internet connection to sync the activity.



Q5: How to check my progress for the event?
A5: You can check it on the event page for ranking or by the app by following these simple steps:




Q6 : Why does my GPS signal is displayed as weak on the BiiB app?
A6 : GPS signal reception may be weak if you run between high rise buildings or in areas that have lots of tall buildings, it's best to run in an open clear area. 
*BiiB app can only track outdoor run due to GPS limitations.


Q7 : How to be a team finisher?
A7 : The team is considered as a Team Finisher when the team runs the specified mileage for each label

Q8 : When is the last day to submit the result? Do I need to submit the result daily?
A8 : Result submission is required to be done within 24 hours ((48 hours submission period starting from 6pm Friday 21 August 2020) of the activity and before 23:59 (GMT +8) 16 September 2020

Q9 : Is it limited to indoor run only?
A9: No, with the latest announcement, runners are allowed to run outdoor with the social distancing SOP.
*Note: BiiB+ app can only track outdoor run due to GPS limitations.


Q10 : Is walking counted?
A10 : Of course! The aim of this event is to motivate participants to stay active. It does not matter whether you're fast or slow.

Q11 : How does the system track the team mileage and how often is the system updated?
A11 : The system is built to add up all the mileage logged by the team members right after the success sync (LIVE). The mileage display will update as soon as someone in the team has finished a run/walk with a successful sync or submission. You can view it either in BiiB+ App, under event (second tab from the left) or via personal running dashboard at

Q12 : If I join after the event has started, will my mileage collected before the participation date count?
A12 : No, your mileage will be collected from the day you successfully register


Q13: What does it mean 'System will not taking overlapping activity into consideration'?
A13: The system will not accept two activites for the same time, there can only be one activity for one specific period of time
Eg: if lets say you submit an activity for 10am till 11am, then your second submission states that the activity is from 10.30am to 11.30am, that is considered overlapping because you are supposed to be running from 10 - 11am and that is already one activity.

Q14 : Who is eligible to participate in this event?
A14 : This event is open to everyone in or out of Malaysia, however, the cut off times will be based on the Malaysian timing (GMT +8)

Q15 : Will I receive the medals?
A15 : No. the medals will be displayed on your e-cert

Q16 : When will the reward be shipped?
A16 : We will only start shipping out the rewards from 26 October 2020 onwards
*Note: We will only process returned parcels and proceed with second shipping or self collection for 3 months from returned date. (Only second shipping will be done due to current MCO rules)


Q17 : What if I want my reward to be shipped outside of Malaysia?
A17 : Yes you can by selecting the relative overseas shipping category during the registration 

Q18 : Can I still get the reward if I did not finish the challenge?
A18 : No. Individuals need to complete 20km individual goal to be eligible for the reward and the team must have completed the team mileage

Q19 : Why hasn't my rewards arrived?*
A19 : Please note that there will be a large quantity to ship, therefore we will be shipping them in batches.
*Note: We will not be responsible for any lost or damaged items once we have shipped them and are with the courier service 


Q20 : If I decided not to run, can I get a refund?
A20 : Participation Fee is NOT refundable under any circumstance.

Q21 : Can I change my team after registration?
A21 : No. Changing of teams is NOT allowed.

Q22 : What do I do if I entered the wrong information during registration?
A22 : Please email us at [email protected] with the changes you want to make 
*Note: We will use the details in your registration for communications and rewards, please make sure it is correct. We will not be responsible for wrong information in your registration when shipping the rewards. 


Q23 : Why didn't I receive any information from BiiB?
A23 : Please check your email or spam mail folder for our email after a successful registration. Announcements and updates will be informed through email.


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