The oldest loop road ultra in Malaysia.

Event Details

Currently we already in 10th year anniversary. The oldest loop road ultra in Malaysia.


We have a lot of good news to share:

  1. We will go to a new venue with bigger parking, a controlled environment, bigger camping site and better Putrajaya view. 
  2. We will remain 2019 rate for this 10 years anniversary. 
  3. Same format for the fee, you chose what package you want. There is optional purchase for tees and medals. NO FRILL FORMAT.
  4. Slot only limited to 300 participants in this edition.
  5. There will be 100 special “tokens” for 1st 100 registration. 


Let’s enjoy our 10th year anniversary with a good run. Remember, we are the clan of LARI MAKAN TIDUR.



  • Open Now!
  • 10 June 2023 (19:59:59)


  • 10 June 2023 (20:00:00)
  • 11 June 2023 (12:00:00)


  • Komplek Sukan Air, Putrajaya


Run Information


* Late period registration is entitled for the race slot and manual race bib only. No shirt, medal. Insurance, and all other coverage is included in the fee. 

* Fee excludes online processing fee and Sport Permit. Organizer of the 16 Hours Watergate reserves the right to deny entry to any participants. All entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. You agreed to this policy when you chose to proceed with the registration for the event. All race entries are non-transferable and failure to adhere to this will result in disqualification.


Race Format

  • Running a loop from Komplek Sukan Air to Cyberjaya (2.5KM) and turn back to Komplek Sukan Air (5KM per loop)
  • Runner with the highest no of loops win the race. For tie breaker, gun time will be used to determine the position.
  • Complete a minimum distance of 50km (10 loops) within 16 hours to claim your finisher items (for those opt for finisher package)
  • No pacer (non-registered runner) is allowed except the final 2 hours which is from 10:30am to 12:30pm.
  • Cutoff time is 16 hours which is on Sunday, 11 Jun 2023, 12.00PM.
  • We believe in your integrity and we will not tolerate for any misconduct or cheaters.


Winners prizes (voucher + trophy)

  • Trophy for top 10 winners for each category.

  • Voucher or product for top 5 winners, value depends on sponsorship.

  • No cash prize.


Food & Drink

  • Free flow drinking water.
  • Free flow isotonic drink.
  • Coke/Mountain Dew (available after 12:00am).
  • Fruits (Watermelon/Oranges).
  • Sandwich (Peanut Butter & Jelly).
  • Sweet and salty snack.
  • Supper (available after 12:00am) *Rice porridge with soup
  • Breakfast (available after 7:00am). *Nasi Lemak and banana pancake

*U-turn point at will be served drinking water only


Mandatory Item*

  • Reflective vest
  • Back Blinker
  • Bib

* you're required to present the mandatory items:

  1. DURING THE RACE, random checks by official at any point during the race.
  2. AFTER THE RACE, for result verification.

Failed to comply with the mandatory item will cause:

  1. Disqualification from the race or
  2. Penalty 30 minutes for each item

Recommended Item 

  • Hydration bag/handheld bottle/cup.
  • Food/energy bar/gel.
  • Hand phone (for emergency).


Water stations 

  • 2.5KM: 1 water station (only water)
  • Toilet is available at the starting point only.

*The water station count is estimation only. It can be change on the real day. 
*We will implement bring your own bottle/cup concept (BYOB/BYOC) for this race. So please bring your own portable cup or bottle. We will not provide any disposable cup at the starting/finishing line and all water stations.


  • Race bib must always be worn & visible (on the front) throughout the event. 
  • Participants must always stay on the marked course all the time. Short cuts/running off the route are strictly prohibited.
  • Participants must always carry all the mandatory items during the event. 
  • If should you have noticed marshal vehicles (motorbike / jeep) approaching during the race, please slow down and give way.
  • Ensure your own safety and that of others.  Be considerate of other road users always. - Take great care when crossing or running on roads.  If another runner is injured or in distress, please assist. 
  • There is no road closure during this race.
  • Please avoid running on the road if possible.
  • Pavement or pedestrian walk or any path along the side of the road should be used when available.
  • Use caution and common sense when crossing the road or junction.
  • Put extra care at junction and traffic light. 

Dropping Out From The Race 

If you decide to withdraw from the event, you must inform the event officials immediately and remove your race bib. Once you have dropped out of the race, you are not allowed to re-start.

Dropping out at check point

  • Tell the checkpoint marshals that you've decided to drop out from the race.
  • The checkpoint marshals will be able to further guide you on returning to the finishing point or with the race shuttle. 


Dropping out along the race course

  • Please proceed to your nearest checkpoint and inform the marshals that you've decided to drop out from the race. The checkpoint marshals will be able to further guide you on returning to the finishing point or with the race shuttle. 
  • If you're severely unable to move yourself to the nearest checkpoint, please contact the event emergency number.

Race timing
They will be a timing chip and manual system for this race.



For any complaints, please come to us with the details below. Come 1 hour before the prize ceremony. We will not entertain any complaint after the prize giving ceremony. 

  1. Full details of the complaint. Attached all necessary proof and supporting document. 
  2. Pay RM300 complain fee.

Investigation will be done same day and all result after that will be final. 

For additional event Information and T&C, please click here

Entitlements & Rewards

Race Kit Collection

  • Date/time: 10 Jun 2023 from 0430PM to 0730PM
  • Venue: Komplek Sukan Air, Putrajaya

* Please bring your confirmation slip for verification (softcopy will do)
* Do inform us (email/PM page) if you need special arrangement for your kit collection.
* Mandatory item will be check before starting the race.


Event Tee


Finisher Tee


Finisher Medal



About Organiser

Organiser Name: Team Pacat (in Collaboration with Perbadanan Putrajaya)

Organiser Contact: : 0173809891 / 0173373579 (Whatsapp only)


Terms & Conditions

You can find the general terms and conditions of the event and the rewards here: Terms and Conditions