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Event Details


"Welcome to the KAILAS Mount Ophir Ultra Trail (MOUT) 2023, organized by Mountain Goat Events! This thrilling trail running event is set to take place on 16th-17th September 2023, with the starting line located at the Kompleks MSN Saujana Asahan, Asahan, Melaka, Malaysia.


Our race offers three different distances to choose from: 10km, 25km, and 50km. Each course will challenge you with the stunning terrain and elevation of Mount Ophir, which is the highest mountain in Johor, Malaysia. This mountain is steeped in rich history and mythology, and is also known as Gunung Ledang. In fact, it is believed to be the home of a powerful spirit princess who is said to have made various demands of climbers over the years!

The KAILAS Mount Ophir Ultra Trail is not only a thrilling challenge, but it also offers valuable ITRA points, making it a must-attend event for any serious trail runner. Furthermore, it is participating in Malaysia Ultra League (MUL) and is a UTMB® World Series Qualifiers race, providing an opportunity for runners to qualify for one of the most prestigious trail running events in the world.


So come and join us for an unforgettable trail running experience, where you'll be challenged, inspired, and rewarded with stunning views of the beautiful Mount Ophir. We look forward to seeing you at the starting line!"                    



  • 6 June 2023 (00:00:00)
  • 31 August 2023 (23:59:59)


  • 16 Sept 2023
  • 17 Sept 2023


  • Kompleks MSN Asahan, Melaka


Race Information


Race Schedule

16th September
Time Details
8:00am  Venue Setup
10:00am  EXPO & REPC for all race categories
3:00pm VIP Speech & Race Briefing
4:00pm Lucky Draw by VIP
5:00pm REPC Closed
7:00pm Welcome Dinner
9:00pm Bonfire
10:00pm 50km Flagoff
17th September
Time Details
5:00am  REPC for all race categories
6:00am  25km Flagoff
7:00am 10km Flagoff
12:00pm  Prize Giving
12:00pm  COT for 10km
3:00pm  COT for 25km & 50km
4:00pm  Closing of Event



  1. Schedule is subject to change when deemed necessary by the organizer.
  2. Please follow the instructions of signages and event crews at all times.
  3. No Race Bib No Race Rule


Race Venue (Start & Finish Line)

Kompleks MSN Asahan, Melaka


GPX File

GPX files will be available around mid June 2023



Course Profile

MOUT50 - 3200EG+



MOUT25 - 780EG+




MOUT10 - 270EG+









Age Group

MOUT50km Ultraman
  • Men & Women
  • 18 & above
MOUT25km Challenger
  • Men & Women
  • 18 & above
MOUT10km Leisure
  • Men & Women Junior
  • Men & Women Open
  • Men & Women Veteran
  • 12 – 17
  • 18 – 39
  • 40 & above


Event Fees


Race Start Time

Category Date Time
50km Ultraman 16th September 2023 10:00pm
25km Challenger 17th September 2023 06:00am
10km Leisure 17th September 2023 07:00am


Cut Off Time (COT)

Category Cut Off Time (COT)
MOUT50km Ultraman 17 Hours
MOUT25km Challenger 9 Hours
MOUT10km Leisure 4 Hours


Mandatory Items

MOUT 2023                
Mandatory Items & Penalties
Items MOUT50 Ultraman MOUT25 Challenger MOUT10 Leisure Penalty (Mandatory)
Mobile Phone Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory DQ
Ziplock Bag for Personal Trash Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory DQ
Trail Running Shoes Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory DQ
Headlamp Mandatory Mandatory Recommended DQ
Extra Batteries/powerbank Mandatory Recommended Recommended 30Mins
Emergency Blanket Mandatory Recommended Recommended 30Mins
Basic First Aid Kit Mandatory Recommended Recommended 30Mins
Whistle Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory 15mins
Personal Drinking Cup Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory 15mins
Water Bottle/Bladder (500ml) Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory 15mins
Energy Gel / Bar Recommended Recommended Recommended  
Buff / Cap Recommended Recommended Recommended  
Gloves Recommended Recommended Recommended  


  1. Any runners who fail to adhere to the list below will incur a penalty, where time will be added to their finishing time based on the severity of the omission, and in some cases will give the organizer the right to penalize the said runner. Any decision made is at the organizer’s discretion and it will be final.
  2. The organizer has ZERO tolerance toward runners who fail Mandatory Gear checks.


Entitlements & Awards


Race Entitlements

Entitlements MOUT50 Ultraman MOUT25 Challenger MOUT10 Leisure
Race Bib Yes Yes Yes
Race Timing Chip Yes Yes Yes
Event Tee Yes Yes Yes
Finisher Tee Yes Yes Yes
Finisher medal Yes Yes Yes
E-Cert Yes Yes Yes
Refreshment and Food on the course/ Finish Line Yes Yes Yes
Personal Insurance / Public Liability Insurance  Yes Yes Yes







Race Entry Pack Collection

Date Time Category
16th September 10:00am – 05:00pm EXPO & REPC for all race categories
17th September 05:00am – 07:00am EXPO & REPC for all race categories


Documents Required for REPC

  1. Confirmation slip
    Note: We encourage a paperless environment. Hence, a confirmation slip displayed through mobile/smartphone at the REPC counter will suffice.
  2. Participant can also produce National Registration Identity Card (Malaysian) or Passport with a confirmation slip for verification during REPC.






Rules & Regulations


  1. All participants must register online by providing their name, NRIC/Passport number, gender, contact number, email address, and emergency contact details.
  2. Upon successful registration, each participant will receive a confirmation slip via email. The confirmation slip serves as the only valid evidence of registration. All participants are required to present their respective confirmation slips and, or identity card and; or passports during Race Entry Pack Collection Day.
  3. The Event is open to participants who are 18 years of age and above. Age is calculated based on 16th September 2023.
  4. Participants must place their race bibs facing forward, prominently as high as possible on the front of their Running Tee. Do not place your race bib on the side of your hips, on your back, or tucked away in your jacket. Runners found without their race bib numbers may be penalized or disqualified. Please ensure that the race bib number is visible.
  5. Tampering with the race bib in any way (e.g. obscuring/removing the sponsor’s identification) will result in your disqualification. The organizer shall immediately disqualify any participants if this rule is not strictly observed.
  6. If you need First Aid assistance on the course, you must contact the emergency number which will be provided to you during the Race Briefing on 16th September 2023 as stipulated in the EVENT GUIDE to be shared prior to race weekend.
  7. You must carry your own mandatory gear at all times during the race. Random gear checks will be conducted during the race. Runners without mandatory items will not be able to proceed until they arrange for the missing items to be replaced.
  8. You must obey the instructions given by checkpoint officials and withdraw from the race if you miss any cut-off time at the checkpoint or on the course.
  9. Littering is prohibited. Kindly dispose of all litter at the nearest checkpoint.
  10. Do not leave any human faeces on the track. If you need to poo, use a toilet, a wag bag or get off track and “Leave No Trace”.
  11. You must obey any information signs and markers along the race course.
  12. The organizer reserves the right to discourage and/or penalize behaviour that is considered unsporting.
  13. The organizer reserves the right to postpone or cancel or suspend the race for any reason it deems fit to do so.


How to get there??

Kompleks MSN Asahan, Jln Kolam Air, 77100 Pekan Asahan, Malacca

Driving from Kuala Lumpur/Singapore

  1. Drive from Lebuhraya Kuala Lumpur - Seremban/E37 and Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan/E2 to Durian Tunggal. 
  2. Follow ELITE/AH2/E6 and Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan/E2 to Lebuh AMJ/Route 19 in Alor Gajah. 
  3. Take exit 227-Simpang Ampat from Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan/AH2/E2
  4. Continue on Lebuh AMJ to your destination in Asahan

Driving from Singapore

  1. Take E3 and Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan/AH2/E2 to Jln Muar - Tangkak/Route 23 in Kampung Tanjong Batu 15, Tangkak, Malaysia. 
  2. Take exit 235-Tangkak from Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan/AH2/E2
  3. Take Jln Sialang/J21, M15 and M125 to your destination in Asahan


About Organiser

Organiser Name: Kailas Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Organiser Contact:

Terms & Conditions

You can find the general terms and conditions of the event and the rewards here: Terms and Conditions