Together, let's race for better health and share the care!

Event Details 

UPDATE! With the implementation of FMCO in Malaysia, there are some changes to the event. Please check your email!


Pace with Care Virtual Run is a fun virtual run to encourage Malaysians to embrace those who have been affected by the pandemic with hope and care.


As we are still battling and at the same time recovering from COVID-19, every step the runner takes will support people who are in need of help.


Every runner who completes the individual mileage of 10KM during the event will be contributing a free meal to those who are affected by the pandemic.


Join us and keep motivated with the celebrities - Alvin Chong, DOLLA, Jannine Weigel, and Nicole Lai to race for better health and share the care!


You can choose to create your own team or join any team created under your favourite artist. Wait no more! Start gathering your friends and family to join the event while slots are available!


When you complete your minimum individual mileage of 10KM, you will be entitled to a ticket to the Pace with Care Virtual Concert and the Finisher T-Shirt.


Want to contribute but can't join the run? Check out the 'Contribution' section for more info!



Join us for the after party!

We're throwing you a party! Join us at the Pace with Care Virtual Concert with LIVE PERFORMANCES by our celebrity Run Motivators (concert date to be announced).

Be sure to complete your minimum individual mileage to get your ticket!






  • 14 April 2021 (00:00) until 1 June 2021 (23:59) 


  • 26 May 2021 (00:00) until 15 June 2021 (23:59) 


  • Virtual: Run anywhere, any place on your own route. Please strictly observe the current SOPs set up in your state or district.



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Exclusive Rewards


How to Join


Even with the current pandemic situation, there is still hope and love in us.


We have collaborated with The Giving Bank to contribute and help those affected by the pandemic. The T-Shirt design is handcrafted by a lovely child as an appreciation to all the runners. Stay Tuned!



Only participants who are in teams that have completed the minimum of 10KM individual mileage will be eligible to receive the Finisher T-shirt.


Size Chart




All contributions will be made to The Giving Bank!

Make a contribution under your favourite artist:


Alvin Chong (Min. RM10)

DOLLA (Min. RM10)

Jannine Weigel (Min. RM10)

Nicole Lai (Min. RM10)



Contributions under Alvin Chong
Name Amount
YBB RM500.00









Contributions under DOLLA
Name Amount






Contributions under Jannine Weigel
Name Amount





Contributions under Nicole Lai
Name Amount






R1: Participants are only allowed to submit distance tracked activities. Step Count and tracked activities will NOT be accepted.


R2: Participants must ensure that all activities are:

  1. From an active running/walking activity. Tracking your steps/walk over the whole day is not an active activity. (Shopping and tracking is not allowed too).

  2. Synced/submitted within 72 hours after the activity has ended and before the event ends 15 June 2021 (23:59 GMT +8).

  3. Submitted with the necessary information: Start date and time, duration, distance and route* (*for outdoor activities only).


See full list of Rules under the ‘Participation’ section in the Terms & Conditions.



Music Playlist


Click the image below to view and pre-save the 'Pace With Care' playlist now!



Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I use a third-party app instead?
A1 : Yes, you can. You can link BiiB up with other third-party apps (MapMyRun, GARMIN, and COROS) via by following these simple steps:





Q2 : How do I make a manual submission?
A2 : You can do it through the website after logging into your account, you can follow these simple steps:




Q3: When is the last day to submit my result? Do I need to submit it daily?
A3 : Result submission is required to be submitted within 72 hours after completing the activity, and before the event ends (15 June, 2021 by 23:59 GMT +8)


Q4 : How is my progress calculated in the app/web?
A4 : The progress shows the total team to complete distance divided evenly to all members. Once the team to complete distance has been completed, the distance to go will indicate how much mileage the individual need to complete their individual mileage


Q5 : Is it limited to outdoor runs only?
A5 : No, indoor treadmill run results are also acceptable. You may submit a photo of your treadmill and submit through manual submission.

*Note: BiiB+ app can only track outdoor runs due to GPS limitations.


Q6 : What does 'System will not take overlapping activity into consideration' mean?
A6 : It means that the system will not accept two activities at the same time. There can only be one activity for one specific period of time.

Eg: If you submit an activity for 10 - 11am, and your second submission states that the activity is from 10.30 - 11.30am, that is considered an overlapping activity. This is because you are supposed to be running from 10 - 11am which will already be considered as one activity.


Q7 : What are sharing or tag-along activities?
A7 :  This is when submitted activities are shared between participants.

Eg: You and your friend run together but only one person tracks the activity, only one person can submit the activity for the event. If both participants submit the same activity, both submissions will be rejected by the system.


Q8 : How does the system track the mileage and how often is the system updated?
A8 : The system is built to display the mileage logged by the participant after the activities have been successfully synced or submitted.


Q9: How does syncing third party app work?
A9: Your activity must be successfully synched in your third-party app account first before it can be synced on BiiB. If the third-party app does not log your activity, we will not receive any information of your activity from your third-party app.


Q10 : Who is eligible to participate in this event?
A10 : This event is open to all Malaysians and Permanent Residents who currently reside in Malaysia.


Q11 : How do I get the Allianz We Care Community 20% discount?
A11 : Participants will need to register as Allianz We Care Community Member at to receive the promo code. The promo code will be provided on a banner of the "Thank You" page upon completing the registration for Allianz We Care Community.


Q12 : Who is eligible to receive the completion rewards?
A12 : Only participants who are in teams that have completed the minimum of 10KM individual mileage are eligible for the completion rewards.


Q13 : When will I receive my rewards? 
A13 : Shipping of the event's rewards will commence from 1 August 2021 onwards (delays will occur due to COVID-19 Full Movement Control Order (MCO) restrictions).


Q14 : If I decided not to run, can I get a refund?
A14 : No refund will be given as stated in the Terms & Conditions.


Q15 : Will my mileage accumulated prior to my participation in this event be taken into account?
A15 : No, only mileage accumulated after your participation in this event will be counted.


Q16 : What do I do if I enter the wrong information during registration?
A16 : Please email us at [email protected] with your full registration details and the changes you want to make.  


Q17 : Why didn't I receive any information from BiiB?
A17 : Please check your email or spam mail folder for our email after a successful registration. 


Q18 : How will BiiB communicate with me?
A18 : We will use the details in your registration for communications and rewards. Please ensure the information provided is correct.



Contact Us

For any inquiries and technical issues please contact us at: [email protected]


We will get back to you as soon as possible within 3 working days. Our business hours are Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm (excluding Public Holidays).



Terms and Conditions

You can find the terms and conditions of the event and the rewards here: Terms and Conditions